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Dates for the 2019 Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament


Dates for the 2019 Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament (KITFT) have been set for October 30, 31 and November 1 in Kariba, Zimbabwe.  The Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament is one of the most popular Fishing Tournaments in Southern Africa and by far the largest in Zimbabwe.

It is also the largest single-species Four-man Fresh Water Fishing Tournament in the world. It is held annually on the waters of Lake Kariba. This year the tournament will be celebrating 58 years of Tiger Fishing in Zimbabwe.

KITFT Tournament Director, Rod Bennett says the event is the largest single-species fresh-water tournament in the world. “We have a number of foreign as well as local teams that all descend on Kariba. The tournament boosts all the local lodges, hotels and the houseboat industry as well.”

Bennett says 80 teams from across the world are expected to participate at the tournament this year.

KITFT is a non-profit organisation and all funds generated are used to run the tournament. Fish caught during the tournament are normally donated to local orphanages.

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